Rent Is Too Damn High Party

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The Purpose of Rent Is Too Damn High Party

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party is a political party, started by Jimmy McMillan and primarily active in the state of New York. McMillian uses humor to promote the party's message, as its name implies, the central tenet of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is that rents in the city of New York are "too damn high."

One of the taglines for the party is "breakfast, lunch, and dinner", indicating that the party seeks to end hunger and poverty in New York City. The party is in favor of writing off all taxes owed to the state, cutting property taxes for homeowners, consolidating the rent boards in New York, seizing unoccupied apartment buildings, reforming the state court system, and providing tax credits for commuters and free college tuition.

The party opposes any cuts in spending related to education and elderly care. Presently, the platform for Rent Is Too Damn High according to McMillan is geared towards Affordable Housing, Housing Discrimination, Gentrification, Economic Viability, and Jobs for City Youth.

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