What We Stand For!

Affordable Housing

The housing situation in New York City is nightmarish for all New York City residents; Whites, Blacks, Latino, people of color and of diverse gender orientation. The cost of housing is prohibitive and is inflated by high level bureaucracy, fraud and greed, and is not reflective of the actual cost of materials and labor. Labor is highly augmented by the undocumented labor pool. The workers are not paid a fair wage consummate with the artificially inflated cost-of living in New York City. We need to set up investigative agencies who will not succumb to the bribery and greed of developers in New York City. We must make affordable housing available to all New York City residents.

Housing Discrimination

We are against, and will stop the wanton discrimination in New York City housing. Discrimination of the poor and middle class, whether they are white, black, Latino, other people of color and LGBT must be discontinued. We must maintain the diversity of the New York City communities by making affordable housing available and free of discrimination.


Gentrification, whether it be by economic stifling as in high rents to whites, people of color or entrepreneurs with limited means, must be stopped in New York City. We need diversity in New York City. The wealth y cannot maintain the viability of the city without the inclusion of diversity in economic strata.

Economic Viability

We must be visionaries in New York City. The entrepreneurs are at the cutting edge of the thrust of this city into the future. However, they must be encouraged and nurtured into giving their best. We should invest in them. That will be infrastructural and human resource money well spent and will redound to the economic benefit of the City.

Jobs for City Youth

There have been generations of city dwellers of all colors and races who have not held a job throughout their entire lives. This situation is untenable. We must train our youth in the skills of workers required by our entrepreneurs. We must develop a tripartite approach to all our developmental thrusts, in order that everyone will be empowered to reap the benefits of our future development of the city. Everyone must be engaged in the business of city building and be made to be a part of our progress.